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19 Essential suit tips for men     

Are you new in buying suits? And do you need some basic suit tips - follow this simple guide! 

Fiting suit tips:

Rule number 1: When trying the jackets, make sure the shoulders fit as the shoulders will be the most expensive part to tailor and make changes to later on.

Rule number 2: When standing, about a quarter of your shirt collar should be above the jacket collar. This will stop your shirt collar from tucking into your jacket when sitting down. 

Rule number 3: Having a collar gap between the lapels and the shirt collar is a sign that your jacket doesn’t fit entirely. 

Rule number 4: The top button on the jacket should be slightly above your navel. Applies for both a jacket with two buttons and three buttons. 

Rule number 5: The shirt sleeves should be exposed with about 1.5 cm

Rule number 6: The Jacket should be long enough to cover the top part of your butt. Ideally when the butt starts to curve inwards.

Rule number 7:  Pant breaks are a matter of preference. 

Style suit tips: 


Rule number 8: The tie width should match the lapel width. The tie bar should not be wider than the tie. 

Rule number 9: Jackets with two back ventes usually comes across as higher quality. This is viewed as the standard British Style and is often seen as more fashionable. 

Rule 10: Pocket squares add a layer of personality. However, it is important it vary in fabric and pattern from your tie.

Rule 11: The tie should only just be able to touch the waistband. A tie dimple will make you stand out. 

Rule 12: Your socks should be long enough that no leg is exposed when you sit down. 

Rule 13: Do not over-accessorise! Use only one or two accessories to make you stand out. Here are two examples of suit accessories 

Nordgreen: The brand defines itself as having minimalistic scandinavian design of high quaility.

Jamie Looks: Handcrafted eyewear with unqiue designs. This copenhagen based eyewear brand is a must have with your suit

Rule 14: For casual and parties, go for a more versatile grey or charcoal suit - instead of black. Reserve black suits for business and funerals.

Rule 15: Match your belt colour with your shoes

Rule 16: Always go for the classic Windsor knot, but choose the half windsor knot if you are tall or thinner.

Care Suit tips 

Rule 17: Remember to always remove the pocket, vent stitching and the sleeve label. 

Rule 18: When you sit down, always unfasten the buttons on your jacket to prevent damage

Rule 19: If your pants tend to fall off hangers, use the Savile Row Fold 

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