The Scandinavian Style
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The Scandinavian style 

The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles from the last few years. The has a minimalistic character with clothing the are of neutral tones.

Styles men around the globe are influenced by the Scandinavian style lessons. It defines itself by either it's boxy silhouettes or delicate fitted cuts. For the modern men, it's must have to create a Scandinavian wardrobe. 

Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian guys have started this Northern way of styling which has leaked far from high fashion into street style. The style features easy-going garments, with little bits of tech integrated within. The Scandi look of dressing is slowly blending into the new generation of menswear. Many Scandinavian brands are praised for their unique style. Brands like Selected Homme, Wood Wood and Acne Studios.

Besides clothing, Scandinavian accessories are also gaining traction with their minimalistic style, which doesn't go out of style within a couple of seasons. The new watch brand Nordgreen is a good example of this.

Get the Scandinavian look

If you want the get the Scandinavian look we advise you to start looking at the following brands:

Selected Homme

One of the best known Scandinavian brands, Selected Homme is a good place to start creating your Scandinavian look. The brand has all the essentials and is the best-known brand that sells the Scandinavian style. For this, the brand is an essential in your wardrobe if you want to get the Scandi look.


Nordgreen is a new Danish watch brand which sells high-quality watches for a reasonable price. The watches define them self by their unique and minimalistic design, for which the brand called in the help of famous Danish designer: Jakob Wagner. With this watch, you complete your Scandinavian look.

Wood Wood

Wood Wood is a essential if you want the best looking sports- or workwear. The brand has defined itself as a premium street brand that is an essential for every stylish man. 

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