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19 Essential suit tips for men     

Are you new in buying suits? And do you need some basic suit tips - follow this simple guide! 

Fiting suit tips:

Rule number 1: When trying the jackets, make sure the shoulders fit as the shoulders will be the most expensive part to tailor and make changes to later on.

Rule number 2: When standing, about a quarter of your shirt collar should be above the jacket collar. This will stop your shirt collar from tucking into your jacket when sitting down. 

Rule number 3: Having a collar gap between the lapels and the shirt collar is a sign that your jacket doesn’t fit entirely. 

Rule number 4: The top button on the jacket should be slightly above your navel. Applies for both a jacket with two buttons and three buttons. 

Rule number 5: The shirt sleeves should be exposed with about 1.5 cm

Rule number 6: The Jacket should be long enough to cover the top part of your butt. Ideally when the butt starts to curve inwards.

Rule number 7:  Pant breaks are a matter of preference. 

Style suit tips: 


Rule number 8: The tie width should match the lapel width. The tie bar should not be wider than the tie. 

Rule number 9: Jackets with two back ventes usually comes across as higher quality. This is viewed as the standard British Style and is often seen as more fashionable. 

Rule 10: Pocket squares add a layer of personality. However, it is important it vary in fabric and pattern from your tie.

Rule 11: The tie should only just be able to touch the waistband. A tie dimple will make you stand out. 

Rule 12: Your socks should be long enough that no leg is exposed when you sit down. 

Rule 13: Do not over-accessorise! Use only one or two accessories to make you stand out. Here are two examples of suit accessories 

Nordgreen: The brand defines itself as having minimalistic scandinavian design of high quaility.

Jamie Looks: Handcrafted eyewear with unqiue designs. This copenhagen based eyewear brand is a must have with your suit

Rule 14: For casual and parties, go for a more versatile grey or charcoal suit - instead of black. Reserve black suits for business and funerals.

Rule 15: Match your belt colour with your shoes

Rule 16: Always go for the classic Windsor knot, but choose the half windsor knot if you are tall or thinner.

Care Suit tips 

Rule 17: Remember to always remove the pocket, vent stitching and the sleeve label. 

Rule 18: When you sit down, always unfasten the buttons on your jacket to prevent damage

Rule 19: If your pants tend to fall off hangers, use the Savile Row Fold 


The Scandinavian style 

The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles from the last few years. The has a minimalistic character with clothing the are of neutral tones.

Styles men around the globe are influenced by the Scandinavian style lessons. It defines itself by either it's boxy silhouettes or delicate fitted cuts. For the modern men, it's must have to create a Scandinavian wardrobe. 

Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian guys have started this Northern way of styling which has leaked far from high fashion into street style. The style features easy-going garments, with little bits of tech integrated within. The Scandi look of dressing is slowly blending into the new generation of menswear. Many Scandinavian brands are praised for their unique style. Brands like Selected Homme, Wood Wood and Acne Studios.

Besides clothing, Scandinavian accessories are also gaining traction with their minimalistic style, which doesn't go out of style within a couple of seasons. The new watch brand Nordgreen is a good example of this.

Get the Scandinavian look

If you want the get the Scandinavian look we advise you to start looking at the following brands:

Selected Homme

One of the best known Scandinavian brands, Selected Homme is a good place to start creating your Scandinavian look. The brand has all the essentials and is the best-known brand that sells the Scandinavian style. For this, the brand is an essential in your wardrobe if you want to get the Scandi look.


Nordgreen is a new Danish watch brand which sells high-quality watches for a reasonable price. The watches define them self by their unique and minimalistic design, for which the brand called in the help of famous Danish designer: Jakob Wagner. With this watch, you complete your Scandinavian look.

Wood Wood

Wood Wood is a essential if you want the best looking sports- or workwear. The brand has defined itself as a premium street brand that is an essential for every stylish man. 

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